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Anonymous asked:
Tips on being strong please! Im a base in our group could you kindly help me please! :)

Well you’re gonna get stronger regardless but yes you’re gonna need to condition a lot.Bases use most of their strength from their legs but of course you can’t have scrawny arms either lol try going to your schools weight room or maybe use some weights that your dad has at home or buy your own and workout with those.Try doing push ups often.back in hs my team had no choice.We did push-ups at practice as well as at games which helped us get stronger. Also do squats or better yet do star bursts.omg they’re horrible but starbursts target your arms legs and tummy.
A starburst is sorta similiar to a jumping jack but not really.
Basically you start off squatting on the ground with your bottom near the ground with both of your arms on the side of your legs and your legs together
So kind of like this picture but with your fists on the ground and your back straight:

Then you jump all the way up as high as you can and make a star shape hence the name starbursts lol

And then immediately return to your start position

Doing about 5 of these will tire you out a little imagine doing 30 they’re horrible

Anonymous asked:
How much do you half to weigh to be a flyer? Do you half to be tiny? Cause I'm 5'2 and 110 pounds

I don’t think there is a requirement just be flexible and be able to pull your weight


no matter how many followers i get i swear nobody actually read my posts

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Anonymous asked:
whats it feel like to win worlds?


Lady Jag’s gifts from their ring ceremony tonight 😍

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Obsessed with this jersey that I got from NCA college camp!

OMG love

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No one in the whole universe could ever compare 🍊💍

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Anonymous asked:
how much should an avg cheerleader weigh. Like bettween what and what lbsss

Size doesn’t matter skills are what count

Anonymous asked:
How old are you

I’m 19 actually I was just being sarcastic someone implied that I was 9…..


me everyday:


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  • Normal people: oh wow she's flexible
  • Cheerleaders: eww wtf get that dorito out of the air